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PPC Services

Webtouch Infotech providing PPC Services at affordable price to boost your ROI.

Pay per click is one of the valuable services offered by SEO companies. This is one of the methods that are specifically meant for the websites to attract more and more visitors. It is also known as Internet advertising model. In this method, the advertisers have to pay the host when anyone clicks on their advertisement featured on the web page of the host. The price fluctuates that primarily depends upon page ranking of the host websites.

There are various means to determine the cost at per click. In case of search engines, the advertisers generally bid on the keywords that are meant for their target audience. There are different criteria to determine the price. For instance, the advertiser and the host they both agree upon a fixed rate which the advertiser has to pay for every individual click. Every host has its own rate card, in which they charge money according to the website and network. The price money depends upon the content of the page. The contents that attract the attention of the viewers are of high cost and the one that attracts less viewers charges a lower rate. However, whatever the price is, the advertiser as well as the host can negotiate and can come down to a lower rate. The host also decides the rate on the basis of the search engine ranking of its web page.

Besides this, there is another way to determine the rate. The advertiser can bid and sign a contract with the host. This is possible when the host has auctioned the ad space. The advertisers have to bid a highest amount and inform the host. The host sells the space to the advertiser whose bidding amount is the highest.

This model of advertising helps small business organizations to promote their company and products. They can place an ad small in size on the web page and set specific keywords. And when visitors click on the ad displayed on the web page it takes them to the landing page of the advertiser’s website. For this, the advertiser pays to the host. There are numerous search engines where one can display his or her ads. The more popular the search engine, the higher the rate is.